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Implementation and Training

The Partnering for Safety approach is being used in a number of countries and jurisdictions around the world, including Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, USA, Romania, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium.  We provide whole system implementation support to statutory and sector agencies, as well as in-house consultation and training.

Our implementation approach recognises that training is not sufficient to achieve and sustain practice change and we therefore utilise an implementation model that integrates training, coaching and implementation support. 


The PFS approach is not a 'one size fits all' model, but is modified and customised in partnership with organisations to best fit the relevant context and culture. This ensures that the practice approach can integrate as seamlessly as possible with existing processes and best practice. Our implementation approach starts from the premise that great practice will already be in existence and we help you to identify the barriers to growing this practice and the implementation drivers that will help to embed and sustain great practice.


Another key pillar of our implementation approach is the development of internal capacity, so that organisations have the confidence and competence to provide future training and coaching in the Partnering for Safety approach. 

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