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PFS tools and processes

​All of the resources below are free and you are very welcome to share these resources. If you are sharing, please ensure that copyright information is still included. Thank you!

Circles of Safety & Support

A visual and practical tool to explore, involve and strengthen family networks.

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Future House Booklet

A solution focused tool that identifies parent/ caregiver goals and next steps to achieve children's safety and wellbeing.

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 Conferencing  Booklet

FGMs are used throughout the PFS process. This booklet contains suggested skills and processes for facilitating FGMs.

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Case Consultation Booklet

Detailed exploration of how to lead case consultation and supervision, using the CAP framework.

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Safety House Booklet

Description of the Safety House tool and how to use this tool to involve children and young people in the safety planning process.

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Immediate Story Booklet

A simple story provided to the child, to help the child understand what is happening and minimise harmful impact.

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CAP Framework Booklet

Description of the PFS Collaborative Assessment and Planning (CAP) framework.

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Family Roadmap Booklet

A visual and highly participatory process to involve family and network in the assessment and planning process.

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Three Houses Booklet

Comprehensive explanation of the Three Houses tool,

by Nicki Weld and

Sonja Parker. 

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